King of Avalon Apk 4.6.0 + Mod Android 2018

king of avalon mod apk
King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare Apk 4.6.0 + Mod Android 2018

Category: Games, Strategy
Android:  4.0.3 and up
Version: 4.6.0
Download: Google Play

Description: King of Avalon Dragon Warfare

King of Avalon is a strategy massively multiplayer online game which bequeaths you with the responsibility of defending Britain after the mystery surrounding the disappearance of King Arthur fails to clear.

King Arthur depicts the classical portrayal of the concept of – from rags to riches. He didn’t enjoy the luxuries of noble birth. Instead, he was born during the most troubled times where the King’s health was on the decline, and there was a constant power struggle between the local tribes, splitting the country into several kingdoms.

Arthur succeeded King Uther after he heroically lifted the sword from the stone in front of a large audience that had assembled to witness their next King. And thus, Arthur has crowned the next King of Britain. The sword in the stone was not a magical one, and thus King Arthur would go on to conquer the heart of the Lady of the Lake who then bestowed him with Excalibur. Download king of avalon mod apk and enjoy the game.

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King Arthur was loved by all and was renowned for his kindness. He had married Guinevere who proved to be his doom. Sir Lancelot, one of the most loyal knights of King Arthur had fallen in love with his wife, and this affair irrevocably had beckoned the wrath of King Arthur. Out of fear, Lancelot escaped and went into hiding.

But the thirst for revenge didn’t stop King Arthur from seeking Lancelot. He went to France in search for Lancelot. Leaving behind in his stead was his illegitimate son, Mordred. However, Arthur had to return to Britain after hearing news of Mordred’s betrayal. Mordred kidnapped his wife and had seized the throne.

What remained unknown to Arthur that this was all Morgana’s plan to take over Britain. In her possession was a dragon egg which was on the brink of hatching, and she had hoped Arthur and Mordred would kill each other. Moreover, she also wished of getting hold of Excalibur which would make her unstoppable. Arthur was tricked into killing his wife by Morgana and flew into a rage as he was confronted by Mordred and both entered combat and mortally wounded each other. In his dying breath, King Arthur only wished Excalibur to be returned to Avalon.

It was believed Arthur was under the care of three fairy queens in the mystical Isle of Avalon where his body would recover from the wounds. People hoped he would reawaken once again! However, till then it was up to you take the dragon egg and fight against the rising darkness. King of avalon mod apk is now available on third party websites. Get it and enjoy the game.

Features of the game

  • Build your empire
  • Use dragons as allies
  • Survive labyrinths
  • Build alliances
  • Use tactical strategy to take advantage
  • Chat with players around the world in real time

What’s new in the updated version

The version 4.5.4 comes with a bundle of new features –

  • New heroes to suit your style of play
  • World tournament to test your skills globally
  • New events to keep you hooked for a longer period
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations

Few images and video of this game

king of avalon mod apk

king of avalon mod apk unlimited gold


The game is available on multiple platforms and combines the essence of fantasy with elements of a strategy to bring the best massively multiplayer online experience which makes this game a must-have. Moreover, it’s completely free!

Download King of Avalon Apk Latest Version

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