Mobile Legends Bang Bang Apk + Mod 2018

mobile legends mod apk
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Apk + Mod for android 2018

Developer: Moonton
Category: Games, Action
Android:  4.0.3 and up
Download: Google Play

Description: Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Mobile legends: Bang Bang is a multiplayer online battle arena game available for both Android and the IOS. It is developed and published by Moonton. Multiplayer online battle arena games are a subset of strategy games that originally takes its roots from real-time strategy, in which you get to control a single character of your choosing in your team against another team of real-time players.

You can join your friends in 5 vs. five showdowns in virtual combat against actual human opponents! Choose your heroes and build a team to shatter enemy lines! Matchmaking only takes about 10 seconds with battles lasting for 10 minutes. This multiplayer online battle arena game can give the biggest PC games a run for its money with super added benefits of portability as you can play it right there on your mobile phones!

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The game has reached new heights in bringing the concept of eSports in the mobile platform. Esports have gained popularity in other platforms particular in PC however with the advent of Mobile Legends mod apk unlimited diamonds 2018, it has brought eSports to the mobile platform and has put it on the radar! Not only did it introduce the concept of eSports but its gameplay has been fashioned in the same way as those of its PC counterparts making it no less inferior.

Features of this game

  • It provides with classical real-time 5v5 battles where you fight over three lanes to take control of the enemy’s tower.
  • Teamwork and strategy are necessary in order to be successful. Protect yourself and your teammates from damage, heal them when required. Cooperation is of the essence!
  • No micro-transactions or pay to win basis of gameplay to hamper gameplay experience. The game demands your tact, skills, and experience.
  • Controls which are easy to learn and master providing a smooth gameplay experience. With a virtual joystick on the left and skill buttons on the right making the game simple to master!
  • The most striking feature of this multiplayer online battle arena game is that even if you suffer sudden drops in Internet connection which forces you to leave the game, leaving behind your teammates to face the trouble head on, you can easily re-enter the battlefield with Mobile Legends mod apk reconnection system and during the temporary lapse of Internet connection where you’ll be offline your character will be controlled by artificial intelligence to prevent giving the opponents an unfair advantage.
  • Reduced matchmaking times reduces your boredom to get into battle quickly.

What’s new in the updated version?

The latest update 1.2. 89.2961 comes with a bundle of features-

  • New characters to suit your way of play
  • Heroes are remade making them more unique
  • New skins for existing characters for the much-needed beautification
  • New game modes to keep you hooked
  • Optimization and bug fixes
  • New systems

Few images and video of this game

mobile legends mod apk unlimited money

mobile legends mod apk unlimited diamonds


The game provides the perfect platform to enter yourself into the world of eSports and competitive gaming, that too, in the mobile platform. With PC level gameplay and graphics in your mobile make Mobile Legends mod apk a must play. It can give many PC games a run for its money. Moreover, it’s free!

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