My Singing Monsters Apk Mod v2.2.1 For Android 2018

My Singing Monsters Apk Mod

My Singing Monsters Apk Mod v2.2.1 For Android 2018

Developer: Big Blue Bubble
Category: Games, Simulation
Android: 4.0.3 and up
Version: 2.2.1
Download: Google Play

About My Singing Monsters

The video game “My singing monsters” which was created by the Canadian Computer Game and developed by the Big Blue Bubble was released in late 2012 in September for Apple. The statistics of the game for the touchscreen smartphones, i.e. Android, Amazon Kindle etc. were released later. The game also supports the features for the play stations. The game “My Singing Monsters” comprises of the players who collect the monsters and breed them.

The player who gets a unique musical line has to opt for singing or playing the musical line with the help of an instrument. The game usually consists of 11 islands with respective themes. The monster which evolute helps in increasing the coins which can be used for making a large number of beautiful decorations, removing the obstacles, building up the structures, and buying food items for the monster. Download My singing monsters mod apk on your android and enjoy the game.

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These all features help in gaining more level and achievements through direct gameplay options. Collecting the coins helps to recruit common monsters but using a vast amount of diamonds helps to boost up the speed of the products which also helps in upgrading the unique structures as well as buying some rare and antique monsters. Unlocking the new monster helps to increase the level of the game.

Features Of The Game

As the most common elements of the games consist of Air, Earth, Plant, Cold, and water which depends upon the islands. The rare element for this game includes the elements like Plasma, Shadow, Crystal, Mech and Poison. You can enjoy the game installing My singing monsters mod apk unlimited money and diamonds. The game focuses on the breeding process, diamond collection and production of food. Various features are as follows:

  • Collection of the coins and diamonds for levelling the common and rare monsters of more than 100 units.
  • Modification of the islands by using the coins for a very beautiful decoration as well as customization of the music.
  • Great graphics with very antique animations of the characters.
  • Connect globally so that it will help to play with friends.
  • Easily discover the new updates as well as the events which are released.

What’s New In The Updated Version?

The game helps the players to visit their respective friend’s base so that they can share their customized music. Some updates are listed below:

  • Cosmic proportions have been installed and updated in the game “My Singing Monster”.
  • Updates for the desired islands, so that one can discover many celestial islands and can engage in decorating the islands beautifully.
  • New monsters have been unlocked.
  • With many new looks, five more natural elements have been updated.
  • Moving the eggs will help the unmoved celestials to evolve them easily.

The game “My singing Monster” helps to create a decorative island which is equipped with the common and rarest monsters which can sing. Designing the island leads to a decorative which in turn helps the player to gain coins and diamonds. Sharing the island creations with the friends globally helps to explore the wonderful fantasy of this family game.

Few images and video of this game

my singing monster mod apk

my singing monster mod apk unlimited money

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