Olympus Rising Apk 4.2.0 (MOD +Data) For Android 2018

olympus rising mod apk
Olympus Rising Apk 4.2.0 (MOD +Data) For Android 2018

Developer: Flaregames
Category: Games, Strategy
Android:  5.0 and up
Version: 4.2.0
Download: Google Play

About Olympus Rising: Hero Defense Game

The game showcases the falling of the Mount Olympus concerning the Greek gods of the mythology who are strategically locked in the battle. The deployment of heroes, as well as monsters in a legendary manner, increases the beauty of this epic game, i.e., Olympus Rising. The player has to prove the role by gaining some mythical prizes which are beneficial to increase one’s ability as well as championship points.

By deploying the army to vacant, the opposition is the basic strategy of the game to earn points. The game is as epic as its graphics. The prize for this game is the Mount Olympus, which is in reallocated at Olympus range. The building of a defense tower, as well as building of the base, is proclaimed clearly in a very beautiful way. Olympus rising comprises of many strategically events so that one can make use of the immortal powers to defeat their respective enemies in the battle. You can easily download or install Olympus Rising mod apk unlimited money and gems and start playing.

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Get started with the playing icons like Hercules, Prometheus, and Athena. Joining the forces concerning their friends helps in unlocking the powers and helps in discovering the hidden treasuries for gaining the mythical prizes. Olympus rising is all about defending the Olympus world. By guarding the respective base, one has to protect all his army troops along with their defense so that it will help them to earn some valuable points.

Features of the game

  • Fight in a very vast scale and battle with enormous units of troops.
  • Modify the antique team heroes along with gaining many immortal powers so that it can help to earn a hefty amount of loot.
  • Enlist the powerful top beasts and recruit legends from the Greek Myth.
  • The building of a beautiful city at the peak of Mount Olympus gives reality to this game.
  • From getting attacked by the enemy team, strategically designing the base for defense helps to earn loot and increases the championship league.
  • By forming an undefeated Alliance and fighting an epic campaign helps to take the lead in the championship league in the Alliance Wars.

What’s new in the updated version?

  • Addition of an Equip for all buttons which not only equips the item of the hero but equips all the item sets which are present.
  • The ALB (Alliance Donation Bonus) which was earlier not working properly and was the major issue had been fixed.
  • The issues regarding the Alliance Wars had also been fixed.
  • There are several new improvements along with the fixation of bugs.

The designing of the base cunningly not only helps in defending the attacks by the enemy but gives a very infinity amount of loots which can help in constructing the large scale of the base. Deployment of the powerful legends as well as monsters helps to win a battle. Good graphics, large numbers of loot enhances the interest in this game. Playing with friends helps to build a good strategy and leads to form undefeated Alliances.

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Olympus Rising mod apk

Olympus Rising: Hero Defense mod apk unlimited gems

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